Janelle hails from the former hay capital of the world till a fire robbed the town of the title in the late 1890s. What she holds closest to her heart is her faith, cattle, the Midwest, farming, and her nephew. Though she has a deep affection for all things nature, you’ll most likely find her inside drinking coffee and wishing she was near a fireplace in the middle of nowhere amid a blizzard. Janelle has dreams to travel Minnesota, Canada, Montana, Vermont, and Alaska including many more “backwoods” states and national parks seeking out gorgeous views, quietness, and good coffee. Back to reality, Janelle inspires to work in the agricultural industry while also working towards becoming a missionary graphic designer. All this while trying to find a way to own and raise her own herd of cattle.



E-commerce, Graphics & Content Coordinator. Iowa State University Bookstore. 2019.

Retail Sales Manager. Duluth Trading Company. 2018-2019.

Creative Intern. Iowa Soybean Association/Marketing Department. 2017.

Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design. Grand View University. 2017. 

Emerging Iowa Artist.  Des Moines Art Festival. 2017.

Creative Director. Grand View University Bonfire Magazine. 2016-2017.

Selected Artist. Grand View University BiFrost. 2016 and 2017.

Graphics Intern. ACH Food Companies, Inc./ Tone's Facility. 2016-2017.

Associate of Arts, Emphasis in Graphic Design. Iowa Lakes Community College. 2015.

All-Iowa Academic Team. Phi Theta Kappa, Iowa Lakes Chapter. 2015.