Bonfire Magazine

Bonfire Magazine is an honors publication provided by the support of Grand View University's Arts and Communications departments. For the past ten years, journalism and video-journalism students combine with designers and photographers to complete a publication. Bonfire is about digging into diverse stories, stories that make us uncomfortable or freaked out. Each and everyone has different backgrounds, beliefs, values, and opinions that make us different from one another. However, we are all the same in that each of us is human. This year "I am Human" is the theme we have carried throughout our publication. We are human and we must embrace that together.

What is Bonfire?

2017 Event promo

Video Courtesy of Bonfire Staff 2015-2016

Video Courtesy of Chloe Pacha.


Pictures of Bonfire's Unveiling Event on April 4, 2017

Photos Courtesy of Doug Wells.